Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Billy D here.
I know. Where the hell is "Tesicle Tuesday"? Well listen, I'm at work, and to get caught cruising for half-nekkid women on company time and equipment is suicide. But I just felt I had to post something today. Shrub gave me the keys to this joint while he's studying for the bar. And I know he'd want something up for today on this.
I've been laughing my ass off all weekend watching people go nutty about today's date. Fantastic. People going ape-shit over a date. Some folks are having "pray-ins", some are replaying the Y2K stuff and hoarding food and water so when the devil comes through town they'll be able to survive it for a while...amazing.
You understand, that the number 666 is absolutely meaningless, right? I mean, the number itself means nothing at all. For the Jews, around the time (90 AD-ish) of the writing of that book, three and seven (777) meant perfection. 666 was representative of something that looked perfect, seemed perfect, but was not. Now, who would better embody that better than the devil himself?
The mark, often mistakenly referred to as some branding of three sixes on your right hand, or forhead, is not some goofy serial number or barcode. You know, it often amazes me how people will take one sentance from the Bible and make it mean whatever they'd like it to. Listen to me now...
You cannot be tricked into taking "The Mark". Read it again slowly. You must take it willingly, knowing full well what exactly it means and represents. It's a mark of worship of a false god, nothing more, nothing less. Many, don't believe there will be any physical mark, but that the "mark" represents thoughts and deeds in direct relation to that worship of the false god. The "Anti-Christ" if you will. This makes a lot of sense. Either way, it's not some implant, or a tattoo, or any other of the wacky stuff folks like to specualte.
Anyway, the point is, that "number" will only be attached to the "Godless", those who choose to walk alone, or with some false god who leads them astray. So, if you're down with Jesus, walking on His path, then don't worry about it. 6/6/06 is just another day, and 666 is just another number.