Monday, December 18, 2006

Ah the joys of education

Seems a couple weeks back a teacher, quite a tasty morsel if you ask me, was busted for molesting a 17 year old male student. Why is this a crime. When the teacher is a certifiable hottie the male victim in question should recieve acolades, not therapy.

"Why did you shag your teacher?"

"Duh, look at her, she's freakin' hot!"

So, in my never ending quest for enlightenment I bring you a chronicle of the hottest teachers to ever defile the jouvenile of their choosing.

Pam Rogers Turner...and she's been naked on camera too.

Amber Jennings

Sandra Beth Geisel

Debra LaFave

Local hot teacher...mmmmmmm, yummy.

Maybe if I had teachers like these who show obvious concern for a young man's education, maybe, just maybe, I would've gone to class more.