Sunday, March 18, 2007


Man I could use a drink because of a shit day (don't ask)! So, since I love lists and alcohol I bring you the best mixed drinks ever (values given are either ounces or shots)…

1. Long Island Iced Tea-mix vodka, rum, tequila, gin, triple sec, and a shot of cola. After six or eight of these you’ll forget your troubles…and likely your own name.
2. Grey goose vodka or Finlandia (2 at least), orange juice, and a shot of gin…mmmmmmm, tasty
3. Manhattan-1 ½ blended whiskey and ¾ sweet vermouth…very tasty and potent
4. Cape Cod-a generous portion of vodka with cranberry juice (primarily for coloring), and a splash of orange juice.
5. Corkscrew-1 ½ light rum, ½ dry vermouth, ½ peach brandy.
6. Kamikaze-vodka, triple sec, lime juice…use a lot of vodka
7. Tequila Sunrise-2 tequila, 1 grenadine, orange juice…yummy.
8. Orgasm-mix equal parts of vodka, amaretto, kahlua, and Baily’s Irish Cream.
9. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Coke…this was my plasma in college and law school.
10. Hot Toddy-use whiskey, rum, and/or kahlua, add boiling water and sugar…great for winter nights and a day on the ski slopes.