Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Testicle Tuesday...I wanna be a supermodel

As a result of a Testicle Tuesday a few weeks back a debate was kindled about who was the first true supermodel. While I detest fashion magazines, most fashion models, eating disorders, sanctimony, and the vapid bitches who immerse themselves in this crap for a living, I will not deny the industry has given us testosterone mobiles spankalicious fodder for our selatious inner male. Here are the priciples in the debate...

Lisa Fonssagrives is considered by many to be the first true supermodel.

Twiggy showed us that bluring the line between the genders can be eerily sexy.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Paulina...what a freakin' hottie. I loved her posing in lurid lesbian pics with Madonna.

Margaux Hemmingway, grandgaughter of the one & only Ernest Hemmingway, died tragically and ironically 24 hours before the 35th anniversary of the suicide death of her iconic grandpa.

Linda Evangelista is probably most famous for her qoute, "We don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day."

Claudia Schiffer earned $12 million a year at the heighth of her career.

I'll never forget Dennis Leary's infamous C-TV rant when he said MTV should change its moniker because Cindy Crawford was so hot she deserved her own network.

Cheryl Tiegs was one of the first true iconic fashion models and has aged exquisitely well.

Carol Alt is so hot this is her second TT nod in the last month.

Elle MacPherson established her status as a personification of beauty while adorning the pages of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, as well as hundreds of magazine covers worldwide.

Ummmmmmmm, words do not begin to describe the way in which this swimsuit attempts to cover the naughty bits of one Christie Brinkley. God love dental floss!