Saturday, May 07, 2005

The poetic irony of it all

I just learned that Denver’s Ocean Journey, the only aquarium in Colorado bigger than a bath tub, is now owned by the same company that owns and operates Landry’s, the national sea food restaurant chain. So, one of the biggest sea food restaurant chains in America runs the only public aquarium in Denver. Now here’s the twist…as part of the multi-million dollar renovation and expansion project Landry’s is opening a full service restaurant on site. I’m not making this up. I’m not that clever.

Imagine being able to walk through and pick out your victim for that lemon-dill tuna steak. “I’ll take the fat one that swimming slow”. That’s like opening a steak house in the middle of a dairy farm. I can just picture the chefs leaving the kitchen with pole in tow and snatching a 35 pound salmon out from in front of little Timmy as he watches the river exhibit. I just hope otter isn’t on the menu. I can already hear the new slogan..."Just for the halibut you otter eat with us", or "When your porpois is fine dining or you're fealing crabby try us".