Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Testicle tuesday...Bond girls countdown

No other franchise in the history of cinema has given the public the bevy o' buxom beauties as the James Bond films. So, in order to educate my loyal readers about all that is yummy I bring you my Top Ten Bond Girls...

1. Honor Blackmon: Golfinger (Pussy Galore)

2. Izabella Scorupco: Goldeneye (Natalya)

3. Tanya Roberts: A View To A Kill (Stacy Sutton)

4. Jane Seymour: Live And Let Die (Solitaire)

5. Tania Mallet: Goldfinger (Tilly Masterson)

6. Ursala Andress: Dr. No (Honey Ryder)

7. Claudine Auger: Thunderball (Dominique Derval)

8. Barbara Bach: The Spy Who Loved Me (Anya Amasova)

9. Denise Richards: The World Is Not Enough (Dr. Christmas)

10. Teri Hatcher: Tomorrow Never Dies (Paris Carver)

p.s. I'm feeling much better...the ill effects of anemia have passed me by. Thanks for the well wishes.