Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Testicle Tuesday...yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm late

As a reward for waiting an extra day to oggle hotness personafide I bring you the top five Hotties Flying Under the Radar...

You may recognize this sultry brunette from the Mercury commercials. Her Name is Jill Wagner and she is smokin hot, yummy, tasty, damn near perfect.

Jody Lyn O'Keefe is a bit player on several movies and the ill fated Nash Bridges. Go on, soak up her hotness...if you dare.

This saucy little tart hails from the Farheit commercial, her name is Jelena Abbou, and she is spankalicious.

The first time I saw the commercial I nearly molested my TV. This Euromynx was born in Germany and has the sexiest voice this side of Kathlene Turner & Demi Moore. Her name...Sabine Ehrenfeld.

Reno 911 is wicked funny and this stunning lass spices up the show occasionally. Mina Olivera is her name, hotness is her game.

Now I'm off to contemplate my takeover of the free world, one Tesicle Tuesday at a time.