Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Testicle Tuesday...the Charmed ones

Everyone has their own guilty pleasure television habits. Mine happen to be The Real World on MTV, The Apprentice, and Charmed. Wanna know a big reason why I like Charmed, just scroll down knuckleheads.

Shannon Doherty gained initial fame on Beverly Hills 90210, then followed by turning into a nightclub bunny who's take swings at anyone. Then she starred on Charmed before they killed off her character. RIP Pru.

As Doherty's erstwhile replacement Rose McGowan spiced up the show with her own unique brand of hotness. She gained infamy by accompanying Marylin Manson to the Oscars dressed only in dental floss, God love her and her curves.

Allysa Milano was a most revered child actress on Who's the Boss, then later dropped her top on numerous occasions before her role as Pheobe. Good golly she's just smokin' hot.

Believe it or not my favorite Charmed girl is Piper, a.k.a. Holly Marie Combs. I always thought she was a gorgeous witch but then I saw some of her pics. Whoa, if she isn't yummy.