Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Me sad, very sad

I’m distraught, overcome with sadness. A profound tragedy has rocked the very foundation of my existence. It’s almost too tragic for words but I must share my sorrow in the hopes that a compassionate hand will reach out and help me as I feel the urge to collapse. There’s a poem called Footprints that describes immeasurable sorrow and how God will carry one through. Now, more than ever I need his help. I now know the pain of true loss, the loss of something precious and dear. But how can I go on when the death of joy has touched my life? As I type this tears roll down my face and I scream at the heavens, “Why?!”

One of my best friends informed me today that one of the vestiges of my ritualistic existence has been unceremoniously taken away. He informed me I will no longer be able to purchase my beloved Denver Bronco season tickets from him any longer.

Who will weep for this lost soul? I sign off now a broken man. Pray for me.