Monday, February 04, 2008

As I posted on Saturday the lengths to which government will go to legislate away the undesirable is out of control. The gubmint is drunk with power and unfortunately too few of us common folk seem outraged. Well, wise up, be pissed, and very affraid.

Now Hillary Clinton, the prohibitive favorite to assume the throne of president come November, is now proposing those who do not purchase health care insurance be punished for their ommission.

If you aren't deeply concerned by such paternalistic impulses from the most visible matriarchal figure in the world you should be slapped like a San Andreas hooker. If you are not genuinely troubled by such invasive government, the very same entity that is trying to legislate away obesity and childhood slovenliness, you're an idiot.

Government, as is its want, will wage a singularly brutal yet clandestine war on our civil liberties. And the only check on this gluttony is.....the people.

We as citizens of the United States have abdicated our God given right and self imposed duty to advocate for ourselves and resist the tyranny of the state. We are the only truly culpable factors in this equation. We no longer have the luxury of glossing over the very nature of government. It is bred into the DNA of government to expand its own power, as surely as the lion will stalk and kill other furry creatures of the savanah. And for us to ignore and appease an absolute universal attribute of an entity we see as our salvation is unconscionable. I have gazed upon the eye of the enemy and he is me.

The more we let government become intertwined with our daily existance the more entanglement we will have to extract our collective asses from, a gauntlet that will make the bokage country of France look like a field of sunflowers.

Wake up y'all, wake the fuck up!