Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Testicle Tuesday...Billiam's birthday edition

Seems we've had a run of birthdays lately. By my count over the last month, Billiam, Waterboy, and yours truly, have celebrated 132 years of life on this earth. Damn, a century and a third between the three of us. That's a lot of agony inflicted upon the world. And since Billiam was so kind, and disturbingly insistent, I've compiled a TT tribute to the women who wind the Conqueror's clock.

Anyone who's seen the X-Men trilogy knows few can fill out a leather jumper like Famke Janssen.

Heather Locklear has been a member of the 80's cabal of sultriness since the T.J. Hooker days, right on through her Tom Cruise/Scott Biao faze, and her metal vixen ways. Remember, before Pamela Anderson was impaled upon Tommy Lee's monster member, Ms. Locklear was banging Lee and Richie Sambora.

God how I love dark haired and stacked women. And they don't come better proportioned than Catherine Bell. I defy you to watch JAG and not develop the urge to join the marines with the remote hope of seeing the stunning Ms. Bell sans uni.

Even in her 60's Jaclyn Smith is still one of the finest women on the planet. Charlie's Angels featured Ms. Smith at her sultry finest.

Even though Billiam requested Selma Hayek her visage has been retired out of respect to her unbelievable hotness.