Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Testicle Tuesday...Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump and the producers at NBC are freakin geniuses. They took the solid yet somewwhat tired Apprentice concept and spiced it up with celebrity ego and hotness. Here are the best of Clebrity Apprentice hotties in motion.

A former Playboy Playmate (God love her), Tiffany Fallon had the dubious honor of being the first Trump apprentice to hear "Your Fired". Damn Trump for firing the red hot Fallon and not dumping that vapid screeching harpy bitch Omarosa.

Marilu Henner was smokin in the TAXI years and is still yummy. She got the axe last Thursday.

Thank God Ivanka Trump didn't inherit her fathers fashion sense.

Carol Alt has been called the world's first true super model. Though Cheryl Teegs and Christie Brinkley might debate the point there's no debating Ms Alt is just stunning.

Jennie Finch may be the most beautiful female athlete on earth but was fired a couple weeks ago.

As a public service I refuse to honor Omarosa with a coveted TT endorsement...she's just a scary looking bitch.