Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday's musing

I bring my foray into poetry...

Amethyst skies and angels eyes, with whispers on high
Purple haze in a sunset gaze as the sun fades from the sky
Darken deep the mountains steep and tower towards the stars
Twilight meets the darken streets as lights trail from passing cars
City beat that restless treat that only few will know
Spring’s step brings winter’s death and the passing of the snow
Where lovers walk and seldom talk down paved sidewalk
Cops prowl and punks growl as homey’s body is outlined in chalk
School yard carols and tin trash barrels dot the cityscape
Monkey bars and burned out cars in gnarly, twisted shapes
Neon lights on building heights shine like the sun
Lonely man strolls while rich man cajoles the woman he has won
Latch unlocked his head is cocked as he opens the front door
The city sleeps while grown men weep in bundles on the floor