Saturday, May 20, 2006

Movie quote quiz

Since all you chowderheads missed the quote profered on Testicle Tuesday I'll give you the answer...the "gorgeousness and gorgeousity" reference was from A Clockwork Orange.

Now, since I'm such a congenial host I'm going to give you another chance to solve the quotation and give me the correct movie from whence it came.

Let me lay a few ground rules...

1. No Googling the quote, t'would be unsporting. You'll be on the honor system.

2. One guess per person.

3. Must name the movie and actor, if possible. If the actor's name escapes you then submit your movie guess.

4. Whomever guesses both movie and actor, or should every one negate to name the actor, the first correct identification of the movie the quote is drawn from will pick the Testicle Tuesday theme/hottie. The movie must be right or y'all are SOL.

5. Contest ends Monday at midnight.

Depending on the success of this little venture this may become a weekly feature.

Now for our quote...

"Your ass looks like about 200 pounds of chewed bubble gum"