Friday, November 12, 2004

Week 10 picks

Damn, the Steelers look like world beaters. They beat New England and Philadelphia in successive weeks by an aggregate score of 71-23. It’s not the mere fact that Pittsburg beat the two NFL kingpins back-to-back, it’s the way they beat them. The Steelers imposed their will on the two best teams in football and physically beat the hell out of them. Both the Eagles and Pats looked like demoralized and spent football teams. The ease with which the Steelers beat the Pats and Eagles was stunning. In the two games the Steelers were behind for only 1:52, and that was after Vinatieri kicked a field goal barely two minutes into the first quarter. Right now the Steelers are the best team in football.

New Orleans over KC (no Priest)
Jacksonville over Detroit
Indy over Houston
Steelers over Cleveland
Atlanta over Tampa
Tennessee over Chicago
St. Louis over Seattle
Baltimore over Jets
Washington over Cincy
San Fran over Carolina
Green Bay over Minnesota
Giants over Arizona
Patriots over Buffalo
Philly over Dallas

Now the college picks…
#13 West Virginia over #21 Boston College
#24 Notre Dame over Pitt
#10 Virginia over #18 Miami
Texas Tech over #22 Texas A&M
#2 Oklahoma HUGE over Nebraska
#3 Auburn over #8 Georgia