Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Week 8 results

What an ugly week. I went 7-7 putting me at 71-45 on the year. The Pats lost big as did Minnesota and my suddenly porous Broncos. Where’s the defense? Oh, BTW, heeeee’s baaaaaaaack. Michael Vick finally woke up and showed why he’s the most feared offensive threat in football.

L-Jacksonville over Houston
L-Detroit over Dallas
L-Arizona over Buffalo (who cares)
W-Philly over Baltimore
W-Green Bay over Washington
W-Tennessee over Cincy
L-Minnesota over the Giants
Oops L-Indy over KC
W-Seattle over Carolina
W-San Diego over Oakland
W-Chicago over San Fran
W-Jets over Miami
L-New England barely over the Steelers
L-Broncos over Atlanta

When was the last time all three Florida teams lost on the same day? Miami and Florida State were both victims of huge upsets while Florida was handled relatively easily by Georgia in “The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”. The Sooners were on the brink of overtime but OK St.’s freshman kicker booted the tying field goal wide left. The BCS looks like there could be potentially five unbeaten teams at the end of the year. The Boise State Broncos could finish with a perfect record and would screw up the supposedly infallible BCS formula. We need a Division I playoff.

W-#2 Oklahoma over #20 Oklahoma State
W-#10 Georgia over Florida
W-#12 Michigan over Michigan State
W-#7 Cal over #20 Arizona State
W-#3 Texas BIG over my hapless Buffs

I hate fantasy football.