Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Week 10 results

W-New Orleans over KC (no Priest)
W-Jacksonville over Detroit
W-Indy over Houston
W-Steelers over Cleveland
W-Atlanta over Tampa
L-Tennessee over Chicago
W-St. Louis over Seattle
W-Baltimore over Jets
W-Washington over Cincy
W-San Fran over Carolina
W-Green Bay over Minnesota
W-Giants over Arizona
W-Patriots over Buffalo
W-Philly over Dallas

Damn! I only missed one game! I smoked BR’s butt and am now even with the self proclaimed “Best Sports Mind in Denver”. Hah! It is to laugh.

Now the college picks…
L-#13 West Virginia over #21 Boston College
L-#24 Notre Dame over Pitt
L-#10 Virginia over #18 Miami
L-Texas Tech over #22 Texas A&M
W-#2 Oklahoma HUGE over Nebraska
W-#3 Auburn over #8 Georgia

Auburn may be the best team in college football right now and if they get screwed out of a birth in the national championship game something drastic needs to happen…say…maybe…a freakin playoff! Div. III, Div. II, Div I A all have playoff formats and actually receive a sanctioned NCAA Championship trophy. What a novel concept. Plus, Boise State and Utah will likely finish unbeaten but will be frozen out of title contention because of this inane and idiotic system. It can be done. The money is there, the networks would kill to televise a TRUE title game, and, if done correctly, a national playoff could rival the NFL in popularity and the almighty television ratings.