Thursday, March 23, 2006

As I stroll through the blogosphere...

I feel compelled to pay tribute to some people I’ve met along the way.

Jamie, dude, you are one twisted mug. Few people have the ability to make me laugh so consistently. Your wry and quirky observations about this demented trip known as the human condition are always spot on. You’ve befriended this fat boy from Denver from halfway around the globe, and for that I give you my thanks. In the short time we’ve known each other you’ve taught me volumes about music and the Aussie culture. Not to mention you’re one of a handful of people who can throw down at the bar and keep up with yours truly drink for drink. You’re a loon and one of my faves.

Morg, you little hussy of a hippie. You’ve chosen to home school your entire tribe while nurturing an autistic son, working full-time as an editor, and keeping the hubby in tow. Add to this your work with birds of prey, your part-time poetic aspirations, and maintaining a blog and you’ve got one good woman. Your devotion to family & friends is to be commended as well as your pluckiness. Keep up the good fight Morg, your genuineness and kindness are both rare commodities. I haven’t met many who could hold a candle next to that enormous heart you possess.

Bane, you crusty ass barnacle. If all I knew about you was that you served in the marines and fathered more who would take up the mantle of protectorate of this country you’d have earned my respect. If all I had known about you is the adoration and fidelity you have for your family and country you’d still have my respect. If all I knew about you is your unflinching willingness to poke fun at this gimp you’d once again have my respect. If all I knew of you was your keen intellect and sardonic sense of humor you would still have my respect. Roll it all together and there are few in the blogosphere I respect more. For what it’s worth Bane, just know that someone across the country is praying for you and yours. Tell your boy to keep his head down.

Nate, you’ve showed me more genuine deference than I deserve. I’ve witnessed you shred opposing arguments to tatters without remorse. That in and of itself deserves admiration. But you temper this fierceness with a wonderful sense of humor. I had originally come to the blogosphere with reservation but I’ve learned from you to either bring it full force or sit down. I also admire the light you hold Dr. Who in. She’s a lucky woman to have such a man holding down the fort. You’re good people Nate.

Billy D, you visited my blog months ago and few have been more loyal. Your kind words last fall when I was in the hospital meant more than you know. When I heard your blog was up and running again I was overjoyed. You kill me with your random musings and of all the people I’ve come across you’re the one I’d like to break bread with the most. Your blue bunny suit is the shit, if a bit disturbing.

Vox, when I first ventured upon Vox Popoli I was taken aback at the overwhelming conservatism you displayed. To your credit you never waiver from your stance. That’s not to say your opinions are happened upon lightly, indeed, far from it. Every view you’ve espoused has been copiously researched and thought through. Your devotion to God and family is admirable and should be applauded. The highest compliment I can pay is you always make me think and my once unquestioned allegiance to the once beloved Democratic Party has been turned on its ear, no small thanks to you. The loyalty you’ve engendered in people is a thing to behold. The football gods dictate that I extend an open invitation to the Broncos should your Vikings ever visit. Good luck and God’s speed to you and your family.

Take care y’all, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. If any of you are ever in Denver look me up and we'll have a burrito, or pizza, or beer, whatever.

Yours in blogdom,