Sunday, March 19, 2006

Manic Mammary Monday...posted on a Sunday night to get it outta da way

The following is an unsolicited testimonial from Morgan o' the Lake...

Liam Neeson makes my ovaries stand up and clap. No one wears a kilt like that man and I lost my heart to him when I saw Rob Roy. I love everything about him. And then there was that 1996 picture of him with his son that sealed the deal. This guy is the Entire Package. Dead sexy *and* a family man. Oh, my!

Of course, Ihatedashrub takes a close second. Or maybe a third after Vin Diesel. Anyone who would open his blog up to indulge the womenfolk is secure in his manhood. Those of you men who would say otherwise aren't worthy. So hide your faces in shame, subcreatures. Ihatedashrub is a god among bloggers.

Sorry Morg, the photos you sent wouldn't upload to Blogger. So I found this pic.

On a side note I suddenly feel the urge to vomit...I need a shower.

And just for future reference, Morg, any mention of your ovaries or any other cog in your reproductive machine falls squrely under the category of Too Much Information.