Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Testicle Tuesday

As we recover from the horror that was Mammery Monday our testosterone needs a bit of a boost. So, in the interests of red-blooded maledom, I give you a special two-fer Testicle Tuesday. Our lovely ladies hail from Europe and are fond of posing naked in front of the camera, God love 'em.

Without further delay I give you...

the stunning Kate Winslet. Much like last week's beauty, Winslet is not opposed to showing her naughty bits, and we like it that way.

Our second young lass is equally gorgeous...

When I Googled Natasha Henstridge it was rather difficult to find pics where she wasn't partially or fully naked. But since I'm so devoted to my readers I dutifully sifted through the morass of Natasha nudes and found these tasteful and artistic face shots.

Now, since it's my blog and I love doing the copious research necessary for Testicle Tuesday I bring you the bonus hottie of the week...

Evangeline Lilly is the reason why I watch Lost. I defy any man to gaze into those hypnotic green eyes and not become a quivering pile of gelatinous carbon-based cells. I've got two words to describe Evangeline...yum-my.

I hope you enjoyed this week's intstalment of Testicle Tuesday. Tune in next week.