Monday, October 18, 2004

Ah the CIA

In a story illustrative of the state of our intelligence gathering establishment Michael Kostiw withdrew his name from consideration for the CIA Executive Director spot. It seems Kostiw was arrested and convicted for shoplifting back in 1981.

What did he steal pray tell? A $2.13 package of bacon. At the time Kostiw had been a CIA case officer for ten years.

A ten year veteran of the nation’s most elite and notorious covert intelligence gathering agency couldn’t make it out the door with a pack of bacon!

Now, in a move of what can only be described as poetic irony, Kostiw has been named CIA Director Porter Goss’ senior advisor. Thankfully Kostiw will have no decision making authority but will advise Goss as to the inner workings of the agency.

With nitwits like these running our intelligence community it’s entirely possible Osama bin Laden could have a fifth floor flat in downtown D.C. and receiving his dialysis from Bethesda Hospital.

Be afraid, be very afraid!