Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Week 6 results

Here are the Week 6 results…damn if Houston is the Surprise team of the year! Oh, the Jets are undefeated. My Broncos crushed the hapless Raiders and the Pats may not lose again until next September…

W-Jets over San Fran
W-Eagles over Carolina
W-Atlanta over San Diego
W-Jacksonville over KC
W-Buffalo over Miami
W-Washington over Chicago
W-Cleveland over Cincy
W-Patriots over Seattle
L-Detroit over the Packers
Surprising Loss-Houston over the Titans
W-Pittsburg over Dallas
W-Vikings over Saints
W-Rams over Tampa Bay
And a glorious Broncos victory over Oakland

Holy cripes! I finished the week at 12-2! Damn I’m good! BR and I are now in a flat footed tie for pick supremacy as he went 10-4 this week. My season record is now 56-32.

Now the college results…
W-#1 USC over #19 ASU
W-#11 Texas over #25 Mizzou
W-#7 Florida St. over #8 Virginia
L-#5 Purdue over #12 Wisconsin
W-Buffs over Iowa St.

On the fantasy front I’ve taken to curling up in the corner and whimpering.