Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Week 4 results

Week 4 results…carnage ensued as there was upset after upset after upset. When did the Chargers decide to show up, and against the Titans! I NEVER saw that one coming. What’s going on with the Saints? Even if Deuce was MIA they still should not have lost to arguably the worst team in football. Since when did the Chiefs learn how to play defense?

L-Cincy over Pittsburg
W-Indy over Jacksonville
L-Oakland over Houston
W-New England over Buffalo
W-Philly BIG over Chicago
L-Washington over Cleveland
L-Green Bay over Giants
W-Atlanta over Carolina
L-Saints over Arizona
W-Jets over Miami
Big ass L-Tennessee BIG over San Diego
W-St. Louis over San Fran
Big fat L-Baltimore BIG over KC
W-Broncos barely over the Bucs

I finished the week a glorious 7-7. My overall record is 35-25, just one game behind my arch rival, the self-proclaimed “greatest sports mind in Denver”, a.k.a. BR. I think you here me knocking, I think I’m coming in, and I’m bringing a big ol’ can of whoop ass with me.

College…damn, Auburn looked unbelievable. They went into one of the most hostile environs in football and pounded the Vols. Georgia took LSU out behind the wood shed and spanked ‘em.

W-Virginia Tech over #7 W. Virginia
W-#16 Florida over Arkansas
Hahahaha, ummm, L-Notre Dame over #15 Purdue
Big W-#3 Georgia over #13 LSU
Bigger W-#9 Auburn over #8 Tennessee
Sad W-Missouri over my Buffs

I’m not talking about fantasy football. It’s too sad.