Saturday, October 30, 2004

Monster tournament opening rounds

In order to ensure a level playing field the tourney will be fought in the appropriately named Death Valley. All matches will be at night as most horror movies rely on darkness to terrify.

The first round pretty much went according to form. The big exception was Christine defeating the Tall Man. The ’57 Plymouth Fury mowed down Tall Man’s minions and eventually the man himself. Dracula, Jason, IT, and Freddy Kreuger breezed through their opening round matches but Pin Head and Species narrowly won. Pumpkin Head’s unorthodox style nearly befuddled Werewolf but the lycan eventually outlasted the most bizarre horror monster ever. The best first round match featured Carrie and The Thing. These two slugged it out and Carrie nearly defeated her opponent by using her telekinesis to drop a big ass boulder on The Thing but TT simply dug its way out. Free, The Thing surfaced below Carrie wherein he savagely ripped of her appendages and gnawed on her skull. There are some very exciting round two battles.

Dracula vs. Species
Wrong Turn brothers vs. Headless Horseman
Alien vs. Werewolf
The Thing vs. IT
Freddy Kreuger vs. Christine
Candy Man vs. Pin Head
Michael Myers vs. Predator
Relic vs. Jason

Round two was unbelievable. Two of the true icons of horror were beaten and the Alien/Werewolf contest was a classic. Now recaps of second round action.

Dracula easily dispensed with Species. The dreaded vampire totally outclassed the spunky extra terrestrial. He changed into a bat, took the form of mist, and thoroughly confused Species. Dracula eventually ripped Species throat out.

The WT brothers pulled off a mild upset. Using a simple yet effective strategy they just shot and killed the Horseman’s mount. Now grounded the Headless one was east pickings for the WT trio.

The match everyone had waited for in round two was Alien against Werewolf. This was an epic struggle pitting two creatures with tremendous athleticism and cunning street smarts. Alien got the upper hand early when it dealt gaping wounds to Werewolf’s back. This slowed the furry one but didn’t kill him. In the dust and commotion Alien lost track of Werewolf. This was the opening needed. Werewolf grabbed a rock, charged, and smashed Alien’s head in. Game over.

IT handled the Thing with ease.

Freddy Kreuger suckered Christine into driving off a cliff.

Pin Head destroyed Candy Man.

Predator turned Michael Myers into a stain with his arsenal of weapons.

Jason and Relic squared off in a divisional rematch. Jason initially had the upper hand and even managed to cut off Relic’s tail. But in a stunning turn of fortune Relic climbed up a rock face and pounced on Jason. The crunch was audible as Relic ripped Jason’s head off. In a move of bravado Relic cleaned its teeth with Jason’s machete and punctuated the upset by consuming the remains.

So the quarterfinal matches are…

Dracula vs. Wrong Turn brothers
Werewolf vs. IT
Freddy vs. Pin Head
Predator vs. Relic

The quarterfinals promise to be compelling and devilishly gory. Tomorrow, Halloween, the conclusion of the tournament.