Saturday, October 16, 2004

DC Baseball

The Montreal Expos have been unceremoniously uprooted and shipped to Washington D.C., the first time the nation’s capital has seen Major League Baseball since 1971. As some people will do a contest was convened to see who could come up with the best name. Here are some examples of D.C. residents, baseball fans, and angry Canadiens*…

D.C. Shock & Awe
The Warlords
The Bombers
The WMD’s
The Pre-Emptive Strikes
The Chicken Hawks
The Imperials
The Freedom Fries
The Ashcroftettes
The Bushistas
The War Mongers
Anacostia Crack Heads
DC Oxy-Contins
The Washington Green Backs
The Whistling Dixies
Arrogant Fascist Bastards
The Lesser Evils
The Partisan Pin Heads
Washington Consensus
Capital City Conspirators
Washington Shit Heads
Bipartisan Coalition
The Dunderheads
Political Impotence

More names will be posted.

*Note: The derivatives of Dick Cheney’s name were too obscene to republish.