Friday, October 08, 2004

Apprentice watch...week 5

Ah the board room blood bath punctuated yet another unpredictable week on The Apprentice. Apex, the all girl squad, and Mosaic, the testosterone team, went on QVC to market their wares. Apex was led by Pamela who was pulled from Mosaic in order to even out the teams. Chris headed up Mosaic but Kelly’s influence was undeniable. The girls sold some ultra-mega cleaning sponge while the guys picked an Italian countertop grill. Pamela had all the leadership ability of a rabid dog and ruled with an iron fist. She chose the price for Apex’s product and went with it while Mosaic fought and took a bit to agree but came to an agreement. Apex had the stunningly beautiful Maria and uber hottie Jenn M. as their on air personalities. There product push started of weakly but picked up as did the guys’ grill sales pattern. After the dust settled the winner was Mosaic buy a margin of only ten bucks. For their efforts the guys won the envious prize of hanging with John McEnroe and the goddess Anna Kournikova. Raj shamelessly fawned over Anna with a drooling smirk...but hey, can you blame him? Meanwhile, Apex team leader Pamela brought Maria and Stacy into the “Board Room” (insert evil laugh here). Much to her surprise Pam had her dreams of apprenticeship dashed as Donald Trump chewed her up and spit her out. In the words that The Don now wants to copyright…”You’re fired!”