Friday, October 22, 2004

Week 7 picks

This week features only three truly compelling games. The Indianapolis-Jacksonville game is intriguing. Can the Colts stop Fred Taylor & Byron Leftwhich? Can anyone stop the Colts offense? Detroit-Giants could be interesting depending on which Detroit team shows up. Will the Lions that got waxed by a pedestrian Green Bay team show or will we see the squad that handled Atlanta and Houston? The game of the week is obviously the Pats-Jets tussle. Which team will walk away 6-0?

Colts over the Jags
Philly over Cleveland
San Diego over Carolina
Ravens over Buffalo
Chicago over the Bucs (this game may be the most terribly played game all year)
Giants over Detroit
Minnesota BIG over Tennessee
St. Louis HUGE over Miami
Atlanta over KC (this one just smells like an upset)
New England over the Jets
Oakland over the Saints (this one will be like watching Flav-a-Flave hook up with Brigitte Nielson…just plain ugly)
Green Bay over Dallas
Seattle over Arizona
And my Broncos over the Bungles

This week’s slate of college games stinks. There’s only one game, Michigan-Purdue, that features two top 25 teams. The only other really interesting game is the Alabama-Tennessee grudge match.

#13 Michigan over #12 Purdue
#11 Tennessee over Alabama
and #17 Texas A&M over my Buffs