Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Week 5 results

Week 5 featured several upsets and some great games. Who would’ve thought that the Chargers could win two in a row and sit a game out of first after the fifth week. I will never pick the Saints again and the Patriots now own the longest winning streak in league history with no end in sight. This week’s game against Seattle could be trouble but the Pats have a legit shot at going 16-0. That would extend the streak to a mind boggling 31 games. Now the results…

W-New England over Miami
W-Colts big over Oakland
W-Minnesota over Houston
W-Giants over Dallas
Stinky L-Saints over Bucs
A prophetic W-Detroit barely over the Falcons
W-Pittsburg over Cleveland
L-Jacksonville over San Diego
W-Jets over Buffalo
L-Seattle over the Rams
L-The Toilet Bowl-Arizona over San Fran
L-Washington over Baltimore
W-Tennessee over Green Bay
W-And my Broncos over Carolina

I finished the week 9-5 with an over all record of 44-30, two games behind BR.

Damn my college picks are good! I only lost two picks this week and finished 5-2. Damn Bulldogs! Don’t look now but Auburn is pretty good and the November game against Georgia could be huge. All of the sudden the Wisconsin-Purdue game is essentially for the Big Ten title. Here’s how I did…

W-#1 USC over #7 Cal
W-#2 Oklahoma over #5 Texas
W-#14 Michigan over #13 Minnesota
L-#3 Georgia over #17 Tennessee
W-#15 Wisconsin over #18 Ohio State
L-#12 Florida over #24 LSU
W-Buffs lose another to #22 Oklahoma State

I hate fantasy football.