Thursday, October 14, 2004

Oh my *bleeping* God!

Are you *bleeping* kidding me?!

Just when I thought it was safe to believe in the Democratic ticket again John Edwards has to go and shoot his mouth off. In a particularly disgusting bit of political opportunism Edwards invoked the memory of the barely deceased Christopher Reeves in a campaign stop in Denver on Tuesday, October 12. Edwards claimed that if John Kerry was elected president people like Reeves would “get up and walk again”. As we all know Reeves passed away on Monday from complications arising from a pressure ulcer.

The toe tag wasn’t even tied yet before Edwards used the memory of Reeves for political fodder. What a sordid display. Where is your common decency Edwards? Where is your respect for the friends and family of the former star of the Superman movies? For God’s sake let the body cool before you bandy about the name of someone who died way too early. Show some respect.

Regardless of your views on issues such as stem cell research and health care to use the name of a person who had been dead barely 24 hours in a cynical attempt to stump for votes is inexcusable. Yes, Reeves could have benefited from stem cell research as could millions of disabled Americans but you should exercise a little restraint. Decorum dictates that Reeves’ family should be afforded the opportunity to put the man in the ground and grieve before his memory is dragged through the political morass.

I’m going now. I think I’ll go invite some Jehovah’s witnesses in because that’s just how bad these idiots have made me feel about our political process.