Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Jake Plummer vs. the NFL

As we all know Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals and Arizona State safety, walked away from millions to serve with the Army Rangers in Afghanistan. And as we also know Tillman was killed in action last spring.

Denver Bronco quarterback Jake Plummer was a team mate of Tillman at Arizona State and with the Cardinals. The two played football together for years and became close friends.

Several times during the preseason the NFL honored the memory of Tillman and in week two every player wore a #40 sticker on his helmet.

Since then Plummer has worn a #40 sticker on his helmet in two games. The NFL has promised to fine Plummer for violating its uniform policy. The NFL prohibits players from displaying personal messages on their uniforms punishable by a fine of $5,000. The NFL has publicly stated that should Plummer continue wearing the sticker the fines will escalate. Plummer has no intention of removing the decal. After the Carolina game Jake said, “I'm expecting to be fined. . . . I want to keep honoring Pat forever. . . . I wore the sticker; I felt it was the right thing to do.”

Plummer claims the NFL has threatened to fine him $30,000. If this is true the NFL should be ashamed of itself. Even if the money would go to charity what type of message does this send. Plummer should wear the sticker for the rest of his career if he so wishes. Shame on you NFL, shame on you.