Thursday, October 28, 2004

Horror monster season review

As Halloween draws near and all the good horror movies are recycled and shown in marathonesque fashion the 32 best horror monsters have completed their season and are ready for the tourney. Here are the best 32, their records, and overall rank. Plus I’ll highlight some key games during the season.

1. Jason-13-3
2. Dracula-13-3
3. Freddy Kreuger-12-4
4. IT-12-4
5. Alien-12-4
6. Headless Horseman-12-4
7. Pin Head-12-4
8. Predator-11-5
9. Werewolf-11-5
10. Carrie-11-5
11. Candy Man-11-5
12. Tall Man-10-6
13. Relic-10-6
14. Species-10-6
15. Michael Myers-10-6
16. Leprechaun-9-7
17. The Mummy-8-8
18. Christine-8-8
19. The Thing-8-8
20. Pumpkin Head-8-8
21. Wrong Turn Brothers-7-9
22. Girl from The Ring-7-9
23. Leatherface-6-10
24. Frankenstein-6-10
25. Rednecks from Deliverance-4-12
26. Damien-3-13
27. Blair Witch-3-13
28. Linda Blair from The Exorcist-3-13
29. Killers from Last House on the Left-3-13
30. Chucky-2-14
31. Scream killer-1-15
32. Jack Nicholson in The Shining-0-16

Now a look at some key games…

Week 1-Predator vs. Werewolf-this was the best match of the opening stanza in the Monster Season. Werewolf gave the Pred a run for his money but the cunning creature from space found a silver bullet and ended the showdown. Before it was over the Werewolf had gnawed off Predators left leg and nearly killed him.

Week 6-Freddy vs. Jason-Part 1-Freddy narrowly avoided the most infamous machete in the world and gouged out Jason’s eyes. Even though the masked one was blinded he inflicted mortal damage as he collected Freddy’s head and wore it as a necklace.

Week 8-Jason vs. Chucky-This should have been a no-brainer. Jason and Chucky show up at the arena where, seeing the diminutive talking doll sporting a butcher knife, Jason, for the first time in history, breaks out in uncontrollable laughter. Completely incensed at the lack of respect Chucky charges and hacks off Jason’s leg in a brilliant tactical move. The masked one falls, loses his grip on his trusted machete, and flails around attempting to grab his weapon. Chucky runs up, impales Jason’s hand to the ground, grabs the machete, and chops off Jason’s head. So ends the biggest upset of the year.

Week 9-Dracula vs. Pin Head-This contest went back and forth. Pin Head conjured up his henchmen whom Dracula dispatched with surprising ease. Pin Head narrowly missed the caped one’s heart with a wooden stake. This gave Dracula the opening he needed. Dracula grabs the cube, solves the puzzle, and Pin Head gets sucked back into the abyss.

These were the best matches all year. Other classic rivalries played out as well. Dracula and Werewolf split their season series as did Alien & Predator, Jason & the Headless Horseman, and Carrie & IT. The division winners were Dracula, Jason, Freddy, Alien, IT, Candy Man, Michael Myers, and the Wrong Turn brothers. The division winners will be bracketed 1-8 accordingly with the rest being placed by record. I’ll set up the bracket tomorrow.