Friday, October 08, 2004

Week 5 picks

Last week was brutal. Upsets ensued all across the board. So now I’m a wee bit skiddish but here goes…my week 5 picks…

New England over Miami
Colts big over Oakland
Minnesota over Houston
Giants over Dallas
Saints over Bucs
Detroit barely over the Falcons
Pittsburg over Cleveland
Jacksonville over San Diego
Jets over Buffalo
Seattle over the Rams
The Toilet Bowl-Arizona over San Fran
Washington over Baltimore
Tennessee over Green Bay
And my Broncos over Carolina

Several of these games could go either way. The Detroit-Atlanta game may be the most intriguing as it features perhaps the two biggest surprises in the NFL. The Steelers-Browns, Jaguars-Chargers, Cardinals-49ers, Skins-Ravens, and Titans-Packers games are all almost too close to call.

This is going to be a HUGE weekend for college football. There are a bunch of marquee games that will affect the national title picture.

#1 USC over #7 Cal
#2 Oklahoma over #5 Texas
#14 Michigan over #13 Minnesota
#3 Georgia over #17 Tennessee
#15 Wisconsin over #18 Ohio State
#12 Florida over #24 LSU
and the Buffs lose another squeaker to #22 Oklahoma State

My fantasy team is 1-3 and sinking fast. I need to work a trade and quick.