Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Week 7 results

Another week of inconceivable upsets has totally screwed my pick percentage. Arizona, Cincinnati, Miami, and Detroit pulled off big upsets. Arizona and Miami may have the biggest upsets of the year to date. BTW, Mike Martz is the worst coach in football. Would somebody fire this nitwit already? And a side note, it must be good to be a Boston sports fan with the Sox pulling of the miracle and the Pats looking unbeatable. Meanwhile, here in Denver, the Broncos fail to show up on national TV, the Rockies stink, the Nuggets look OK, and the Avs aren’t going to play again until 2006 at this rate. Plus our college teams suck (thank you Gary Barnett & Sonny Lubick). Oh well, Go Rapids!

L-Colts over the Jags
Barely a W-Philly over Cleveland
W-San Diego over Carolina
W-Ravens over Buffalo
W-Chicago over the Bucs
L-Giants over Detroit
W-Minnesota BIG over Tennessee
Oops-St. Louis HUGE over Miami
L-Atlanta over KC (I knew this would be an ambush)
W-New England over the Jets
L-Oakland over the Saints
W-Green Bay over Dallas
What the *bleep* L-Seattle over Arizona
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr L-Broncos over the Bungles

My record for the week was 8-6. Pathetic. My season record is now a respectable 64-38. I lost one game to that lucky s**t BR. I will prevail though.

What a boring college weekend. With the exception of the Boston College-Notre Dame thriller and my Buffs nearly pulling off the unthinkable against Texas A&M in College Station this last weekend was a veritable desert of decent games. *Yawn*

W-#13 Michigan over #12 Purdue
W-#11 Tennessee over Alabama
Darn the luck L- #17 Texas A&M over my Buffs

The Nipples win! The Nipples win! The Nipples win! My fantasy football team, Nancy Reagan’s Lonely Nipple, stopped its four game skid as Chad Johnson, Chris Chambers, and Jimmy Smith finally woke up. I’m now a feeble 2-5 but climbing fast…hopefully.