Thursday, October 07, 2004

Questions that should be asked Bush on Friday

Here are some questions that should be asked of our President George Bush but no one dares to go there…except me.

Quick, can you spell America?

What are the ingredients of a Long Island Iced Tea?

Can I have one of your daughters’ phone numbers?

How the hell did you get into Yale?

What in God’s name possessed you to trade Sammy Sosa?

Come on, Jeb fixed the election for you, huh?

Without peeking what are the colors of our flag?

How many artificial components does Dick Cheney have?

Is it true that Cheney’s stare could freeze hydrogen?

Was Laura hot in college?

Since you’ve kissed it so much what does Karl Rove’s butt taste like?

Is it true that Antonin Scalia’s heart is made of coal?

Is it just me or is Condoleeza Rice kind of hot?

Is it true that you keep a Bill Clinton voodoo doll and that you stick pins in its nether region every night?

Is it true that your favorite book is Green Eggs & Ham?

When I think of more questions I’ll post them.