Friday, October 15, 2004

Apprentice watch...week 6

The girls win, the girls win, the girls win! Team Apex finally pulled a win out trouncing the Mosaic men. In a task that was quite literally tailor maid for the women both teams were to hire designers, market a women’s clothing line, and achieve the biggest dollar amount in gross sales. The men teamed up with an eccentric female designer with a penchant for bright color while the girls used a fairly conservative male designer who was a bit more main stream. John was Mosaic’s captain and the hottie Maria led Apex. Both were largely responsible for choosing designers, a move which undoubtedly sealed Mosaic’s doom. As part of the task Maria and John naturally delegated tasks to subordinates, yet another decision that would come back to bite John boy in the butt. I’m not going into the fashions as that stuff bores me to no end but suffice to say the men way over priced their line. This would prove disastrous as the women more than tripled the men’s gross sales. Raj, the hormonally driven lump of wasted space, once again got in the way and annoyed everyone from the designer to the models. But somehow Raj avoided the march to the gallows…again. The best and most surprising moment of the season to date came when, as she observed Mosaic, Caroline broke down in hysterical laughter as the men flailed about trying to choose fabric for their project. Trump’s close advisor and reported ice queen wiped tears from her eyes through fits of giggling. It was a sight to behold. John brought young pup Andy and Kevin to join in the weekly board room execution. John sat incredulous as Trump ripped him for piss poor leadership and was summarily canned. Bye bye John Boy.